KYOKYO is a multidisciplinary creative studio from Weert/Utrecht, the Netherlands. Started in 2019 by Hannah Damstra and Kenzo Bruijnaers. With a lot of experience and non-stop collaboration after leaving art school in 2015, Hannah and Kenzo decided to combine forces and start KYOKYO.

KYOKYO is specialized in bringing life into every message and every idea. We treat all projects with a lot of care and work hard to make sure to get the best end result. We offer a broad scale of styles and are determined to create the right style for the identity of your brand.


The literal translation of KYO is home/habitat. We as a multimedia company offer you, our client, shelter for a short while and take you on a creative journey. During this time we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible. KYO also stands for collaboration, the two circles in the logo stand for Hannah and Kenzo.



The combination of KYO KYO in the logo is very abstract and symbolizes a maze. The circles, Hannah and Kenzo, are the guides who will guide the client through the maze of the creative process.


Because of our extensive skill set we offer the following services:


• Infographics / Explainer

• Brand identity

• Graphic design / Editorial

• Illustration

• Social advertising

• Video productions

• Visuals

• Something Else....?


Hannah Damstra

Animator • Designer • Editor

Kenzo 01

Kenzo Bruijnaers

Illustration • Designer • Animator

We love you,
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