From a complex message to a short clear video? This is an explainer animation or as we like to call it: an infographic. It is often a short, around a minute, animation where your message can be explained in a simple way using stylised moving images. In this way your information will be easy explained and digested quickly.

The process of making an infographic starts out with a good script as a solid base to work on. Then we will create a storyboard in which we will show how the story will be told through images. The next step is to bring life to the images by developing a fitting style which enhances the story. After walking through an extensive design process, we will sow the images together by animating them. In the last step we will bring everything together and adding the finishing touch by adding music and sound design.

During this process we like to work closely together with our client. Allowing them to give input after every phase and work towards the desired end result.


How do you present yourself to the outside world? The identity you present is very important, we can help capture this in a visual brand identity. A logo is often the first thing potential clients get to see. So it’s important to leave a positive first impression with a strong powerful logo. Next to a logo a brand identity also includes business cards, colors, supporting graphics, typography and packaging. We can also take it a step further and create a brand identity guide, in which we describe all the different components and give examples on how to use the brand identity in.


Do you want to support your message with a clear image? Then illustration might be the right option for you. Illustration helps clarify, draw attention and focus on your message. By using different styles and techniques, we offer a large scale of possibilities. For example you could use an illustration to support an article in a magazine or maybe explain difficult information in shape of an infographic.


Much like illustration, graphic design helps to communicate ideas in a visual way. Graphic design uses typography, shapes and colors to establish hierarchy in information. The scale of ways to use Graphic design is big, from a simple logo design to the layout of a multipaged website. It is everywhere around you like advertisements, magazines, posters, books, websites, tv, mobile, apps, etc.


The question is not if but how, do you present yourself on social media. To not drown in a sea of messages and posts, it’s critical to be creative in order to stay visible and be noticed. We can support you with this and use different content outings from video to animation and from graphic design to illustration.


Does your question not fit inside one of these boxes? Chances are we can still be of service to you! Send us an email and let’s look at the possibilities together.

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